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Employment Type:      Full Time

Job Descriptions

  1. Request the acceptance documents to each Technical Leader
  2. Prepare Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Draft for the different accounts with Delivery Quality Management (DQM)
  3. SOP Internal Review
  4. SOP and Acceptance documentation Customer Review
  5. Get the signature of all documentation from the customer (Acceptance Test Procedure-ATP/SOP)
  6. Define Training Packages and schedule based on the priority of the projects with DQM
  7. Collect the information of the Cooperators (number of teams, contact information of each team member) in order to start the certification.
  8. General Training & Certification
  9. Perform Training & Certification based on the final SOP of each project according to the priority of the project team
  10. Perform periodical Quality Spot checks to verify the quality and Environment Health Safety
  11. Collect and send to the DQM the acceptance information of each project (ATP Date, ATP result, Pending, others)

 Job Responsibility is not exclusive and you may be required to carry out other job related activities as assigned


  1. Knowledge in hardware installation basic rules such as Sealing, cabling, Labeling.
  2. Experience in the technologies GSM, UMTS and LTE.
  3. Experience in telecom product lines such as Wireless, Transmission, Core network, Datacom, enterprise, others.
  4. 2 years of experience in site supervision.
  5. Installation and Supervision of Equipment for GSM, UMTS and LTE
  6. Experiences with telecom Equipment
  7. Be available for working Overtime.
  8. Good Knowledge in Troubleshooting.
  9. Experience executing Quality Control Process.
  10. Good communication skills.
  11. Be able to travel to other countries.
  12. Multi-tasking skills; ability to prioritize workload; work effectively under pressure and with tight deadlines



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