Resume Development

In today's global marketplace competition is fierce and the job hunter who survives are those who have marketed themselves effectively.

A well written resume is one that displays your SAVI (skills, achievements, values and interests) in the best possible light to a hiring manager.  Do you know what your SAVI is?  HRM Options will help you to unleash and market your SAVI to a prospective employer.

HRM Options Group International will create your most marketable resume that we guarantee will get you results.

Cover Letter Design

Cover letters can be a powerful way to establish a relationship with the potential employer – especially if you haven’t met the person yet. They also provide more room for you to discuss the synergies between your goals and theirs than is afforded in a resume. The goal of a cover letter is to establish a personal relationship. To that end, a cover letter needs to at least appear that it was customized for the specific person it’s being sent to.

HRM Options Group International will create an impressive brand, Me Inc., to stir a positive response from the prospective employer.

Mock Interviews

HRM Options Group International provides that added support to individuals by empowering them to shine during the actual job interview.  We will take you through an actual interview and provide you with insights as to the types of questions you may expect and explain why interviewers ask certain questions and how you can respond.