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HRM OPTIONS GROUP has served its clients and shareholders for more than a decade. Since we were founded by our CEO, Bronhil Thompson-Thomas, our company has been built and managed on a simple Mission, which rests on our promise "To deliver strategic human resource options to our clients in a manner that drive results, is cost-effective and serve the needs of our distinguished customers

We are striving to meet that Mission by:

  • Strengthening our Corporate Culture
  • Investing in our people, technology and policies that support our internal structure
  • Offering only those services that our clients need and making it easier for people to do business with us

Acknowledging our Mistakes and Moving Forward

We have made errors in the past and have fell short and meeting the company's set of standards.  We know we can do better and are thriving on doing just that.  In pursuit of this course of action, we are recommitting to the company's culture and enhancing or making changes where necessary.

Our Corporate Culture

Our Corporate Culture is embedded in the vain of our employees and stems from our values; that:

  1. Our job is celebrated when our client’s needs are Satisfactorily met and their expectations are managed.
  2. Our team uses customer-centric strategies, technology and processes to develop and sustain market dominance.
  3. Our job is celebrated when our actions are consistent, when we are timely in our approach and response to our clients.
  4. Our job is celebrated when we listened to the client and have provided them with a tailored options.
  5. Our team is characterize by their attention to details, ability to think, credibility, honesty, loyalty, resourcefulness, global knowledge base, persons who embraces change and sees them as opportunities and are continuous learners.
  6. Our customers are nurtured by our team and they respect us and they are kept updated on their HR Projects at regular intervals.

Operational Excellence

We set and work at the highest standards of performance. We build the best systems and services that quickly and positively respond to serving our client's needs and strengthen the company for sustainable long-term value. To that end, we must be a lean and efficient company. It's not just about cost-savings. We believe that great performance requires spending more and getting more from every dollars spent.


We strive for the best internal governance and control tying together our businesses locally and internationally with a common set of rules, expectations and oversight activities.

Our Attitude

Our team acts and thinks like owners by having a stake in the company's financial performance. We seek those persons who have the attitude of entrepreneurs and innovators.

We provide a compensation structure that is fair and rewards people for results.

We communicate honestly, clearly and consistently. Sharing information at all times is vital to our operations.

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