5 Proven Strategies for Attracting and Retaining ‘Superstar’ Employees

5 Proven Strategies for Attracting and Retaining ‘Superstar’ Employees

Businesses are in great demand for having the right hire within their employ, however, oftentimes the reality is that they find it difficult to comb through tons of applications that never seem to fit their job vacancy needs.  If you can relate, then this blog will interest you.  In this blog, we will show you 5 proven strategies for hiring and retaining the right employee who fits your organizational needs.

  1. Assess Job Fit…

Before we begin to seek out potential candidates to fill any vacancy, we must know what we are in search of – what does success look like for this role?  Sometimes in our hurry to conclude the recruitment process we hire candidates we consider the best fit for the role, only to find out over time that this ‘best fit’ was a ‘misfit’ to the role.

Before we are rushed into hiring someone, we must ensure that we merge that intersection between an employee’s strength, needs, and experience to that of the job requirements and work environment.  When these interests match the potential employee and your organization will experience a good job fit.

  1. Assess Culture Fit…

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Yes, as employers we need to pay attention to the talents, skills, aptitudes, attitudes, and personality that a candidate of interest brings to the interview table but also important is how well those talents, skills, aptitudes, attitudes, and personality fits into the company’s corporate culture.

So how do we define Corporate Culture?  Simply put, it is the character of a company, it’s the company’s belief and value system.  Some companies espouse co-operation, teamwork, competitiveness, honesty, integrity, and achievement and this encompasses their corporate culture – it’s the way they expect their employees to behave towards internal and external customers.

Determining Cultural Fit Through Job Interviews…

Behavioral Interview is the best way to determine good cultural fit from potential candidates.  How candidates respond to the questions can be the deciding factor in employee selection.  This type of interview is most effective when discovering how candidates have approached a variety of work situations in the past and tell you whether their work style and behavior are a strong match for your company and whether they will be successful working with you and your team.

Before you begin the recruitment process, identify what your company’s corporate culture is, as these will shape those behaviors in staff that is critical to your company’s business success and allow you to confidently hire employees that will have the ability to succeed within the company.

  1. Strengthen Your Brand…

It’s becoming more and more difficult to attract and retain the right talent.

Let’s face the fact, companies in today’s competitive world no longer have the luxury of concentrating on “how good a product or service” they sell is.  Now, more than ever, the focus has shifted to “how is our company perceived by its employees” who are an important extension to the market the company serves. 

Using ‘Brand Message’ to capture and retain talent…

When a company develops its brand perception, it should take into consideration that they need to attract the key behaviors, qualities, and motivations needed from current and prospective employees, which will enable the company to deliver wholesomely on their brand promise.

Heineken had done a marvelous job in creating a brand message that says, “this is the place to work if you are ambitious and have the personality that drives success!”

  1. Offer Benefits…

Making benefits packages attractive to prospective employees is another great way to attract superstar employees as they want more than just a good working environment.  As a small company, you may feel intimidated by the larger entities who are able to offer larger benefits packages, such as insurance, gym membership, a pension plan to its prospective employees, however, you can attract prospective candidates by offering them many different perks, such as flexible work schedule or work from home Fridays.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to be able to compete with those larger companies to win top talent.  An excellent start would be to ask your employees what perks/benefits they would love implemented at work that supports their most important concerns as well as your company’s corporate culture.  In doing so, you would have begun the ‘win’ to hiring and retaining the best talents!

  1. Make your Team Your Ambassadors…

Your best brand ambassadors are your employees, no one knows your company and understands its values better than your employees who are committed to your company’s mission, values and believes in its vision.

Having a great employer brand message, corporate culture, and benefits program is only the start of attracting that superstar employee.  We tend to overlook the importance of the value of our current labor pool.  You won’t find better brand ambassadors for your company than your own employees – as they are more trustworthy than paid advertising!

How Brand Ambassadors Communicate the Message

Communicating your company’s brand message must be strategic, as accurate information must be communicated to prospective employees.  A good place to start is to have the employees (brand ambassadors) understand your company’s brand message, culture, vision and why the company exists.

Ways of Turning your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

  1. Keep employees informed of the company’s events and plans
  2. Offer employees a chance to contribute to the company’s blog content
  3. Ask employees to share their day-to-day work life using the company’s hashtag
  4. Let employees contribute to your company’s blog content
  5. Have employees create a buzz around a new company launch

Creating Ambassadors out of your most valuable team members has a far more impactful reach that can increase sales and improve your recruitment strategy.


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