Make your Team Your Ambassadors

Make your Team Your Ambassadors

Your best brand ambassadors are your employees, no one knows your company and understands its values better than your employees who are committed to your company’s mission, values and believes in its vision.

Having a great employer brand message, corporate culture, and benefits program is only the start of attracting that superstar employee.  We tend to overlook the importance of the value of our current labor pool.  You won’t find better brand ambassadors for your company than your own employees – as they are more trustworthy than paid advertising! 

How Brand Ambassadors Communicate the Message

Communicating your company’s brand message must be strategic, as accurate information must be communicated to prospective employees.  A good place to start is to have the employees (brand ambassadors) understand your company’s brand message, culture, vision and why the company exists. 

Ways of Turning your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

  1. Keep employees informed of the company’s events and plans
  2. Offer employees a chance to contribute to the company’s blog content
  3. Ask employees to share their day-to-day work life using the company’s hashtag
  4. Let employees contribute to your company’s blog content
  5. Have employees create a buzz around a new company launch

Creating Ambassadors out of your most valuable team members has a far more impactful reach that can increase sales and improve your recruitment strategy.


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